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workforce insights center

Igniting the Bright Future of Young Workers! Remember the exhilarating yet nerve-wracking start of your career? Now, imagine launching a career in a rapidly evolving work ... 更多
Tips for Leaders to Keep Pace with the Changing World of Work As digital transformation continues to sweep through the workplace, the rules are constantly changing, and leaders are feelin ... 更多
The Power of Genuine Connections: Five Strategies to Strengthen Bonds As the world adapts to new ways of working and living in the post-pandemic era, building and nurturing connections has become ... 更多
Nurturing Learnability in Early Years The development of essential learning skills holds immense significance for the younger generation, particularly those growin ... 更多
How to Organize Your Home Workspace For Productivity As COVID-19 recovery continues, those who are still working from home are best served by making some upgrades or changes to ... 更多
Talent Matters More Than Ever  Whether it's the rise of ChatGPT, the ongoing development of the Metaverse, or algorithms that impact everything from w ... 更多
How Technology Can Enhance Your Career Development Strategy Has there ever been a more volatile job market? Post-pandemic work shifts, talent shortages, and the growing need for new ski ... 更多
Why Having the Right Soft Skills is Essential Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, soft skills had been growing in demand to fill new roles that complement automation and new k ... 更多
Promoting Wellness in the Workplace Buy-in from throughout the organization helps create a culture that values, nurtures and produces healthy employees. And a h ... 更多
How to Move Past Setbacks at Work After a setback or mistake at work, at one time or another, we have all questioned our abilities or if we were in the right r ... 更多
Looking for the Hire Power – How Companies Can Win the Battle for Talent The global talent shortage that began before COVID-19 entered our lexicon has only accelerated thanks to the pandemic. Compan ... 更多
Developing a Career Roadmap for Your Future Having a plan for your career was important before the pandemic – and it’s even more critical now as companies ar ... 更多
How to Network at Your Next Summer Event Don’t let your networking skills decay. Use social gathering to maintain and enhance your ability to connect with other ... 更多
Top Communication Skills Employers Seek From College Grads If you are a recent graduate, now is the time to work on refining certain skills to help your transition to the workplace.&nb ... 更多
How to Reframe Career Gaps For the first time in more than a decade, a single historical event has affected millions of careers at once. The pandemic ha ... 更多
Start with a Resume Resumes remain the basic starting point for getting a job. Here’s how to optimize this essential part of your job searc ... 更多
How to Improve Your Monday Mood Monday has a reputation problem. Even if you absolutely love your career, making the transition from your own weekend schedul ... 更多
Transferable Skills to Highlight on Your Resume The economy has shifted at a rapid place, with some sectors losing workers while others can’t add talent fast enough to ... 更多
Leading During a Crisis Requires Skills That Also Serve Best in Non-Crisis Times Winston Churchill once said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, it&n ... 更多
Creating a 30-60-90 Day Plan to Secure the Job To perform exceptionally well in the interview process, job seekers have to do both the expected and unexpected. One way to d ... 更多
Answers to 7 Common Interview Questions Acing the job interview requires that job candidates take the time to prepare. We have done a series on seven tough inte ... 更多
Answers to 7 Tough Interview Questions Acing the employment interview requires that job candidates take the time to prepare. Tough interview questions force job see ... 更多
Supporting Workers Transitioning to New Work Life Any type of big change can cause stress, especially if it’s a disruption in our normal routine at work. After a year wh ... 更多
Achieving An Equal Future for Women in a COVID-19 World This year, the theme for International Women's Day was Women in Leadership: Achieving An Equal Future in a COVID-19 World. It ... 更多
Four Ways to Build a Data-Driven Team In our new COVID-19 reality, the world is experiencing a level of rapid change never seen before. One thing that’s clea ... 更多
10 Ways Employers can Progress Gender Parity The impact of the pandemic on women is an issue for everyone in the economy, as under-representing women in the workforce dep ... 更多
How Organizations can Promote Employee Wellbeing Across the globe, every workforce has been affected by the changing working conditions in a pandemic. Workers on the front l ... 更多
Human Capital Professional Enhancement
Programme Series
Download the Brochure 更多
Tips for Leading Virtual Meetings Running efficient meetings can be a difficult task under the best of circumstances. It can add to the challenges if all atten ... 更多
Planning for Job Change Will this new year bring another transition for you? Here are strategies and skills to help you during potential career trans ... 更多
How to Give Yourself a Professional Social
Media Upgrade
The new year is a good time to clean up, tidy and organize –– which also goes for your professional social media ... 更多
Helping Employees Combat Burnout When stress and concern are on the rise for today's workforce, accessible wellbeing support is key. When COVID-19 began, many ... 更多
Getting Noticed for a Career Promotion When much of the workforce is remote, it can feel like more of a challenge to catch the attention of management and show your ... 更多
Finding and Keeping Motivation in your Job Search A job search can feel difficult under the best of circumstances and has the potential to seem even more isolating given the s ... 更多
你需要招聘顧問嗎 許多人對招聘顧問的印象,仍然停留在爲企業“挖角”的公司,卻想不到自己在求職時也可以發揮主動性,利用招聘顧問爲自己找尋合適工作機會。尤其是在找工作較困難的環境,招聘顧問便是其中一個值得信任的求職伙伴。 相比直接申請工作,在網絡搜 ... 更多
關顧員工心理健康 隨著「後疫情」職場的改變,公司需要關注員工的適應程度,觀察他們壓力和擔憂有沒有隨之增加,要多加留意身心健康方面的,以便作出支援。 過去一年職場進入了新模式,做出必要的轉變繼續營運,而這個轉變的極短時間內進行,急速轉變或會使員工感困倦,企業需要幫助其團 ... 更多
羸在數碼思維 近日在疫情下,各國公司加強採用數碼化的新模式,雖然行業數碼化已經不是新鮮事,在近月的疫情下更加突顯其重要性,讓HR和員工需要運用創新的方案來應對。 經過Work from Home安排,視像會議工具變得流行起來,原本在大型企業運用較多的工具。因著疫情 ... 更多
求職新策略 疫情帶來職場新常態,求職模式也在改變,求職者需要掌握新技能,為日後復甦的就業市場作好準備 疫情增加了視像和電話面試機會,因社交距離的要求,許多首輪面試改為遙距模式,求職者要把握回答問題時的語調和表達方式展演自信和熱誠,加上在鏡頭下運用少量肢體語言來輔 ... 更多
數碼轉型之後-人類與機器如何共存 2020 年是一個數碼轉型明顯突出的一年,事實上,在疫情的侵襲下,數碼轉型正快速地擴散至各行各業。以往我們總是專注於數碼自動化之後,人們的工作是否會被機器人取代,然而在一份ManpowerGroup的白皮書調查中,多數企業仍表示會因自動化而計劃增加或 ... 更多
轉換事業跑道 在高低起伏較大的經濟環境,大部份僱員都渴求安穩工作,不過,如必要在此時轉換事業跑道,關鍵就在於仔細研究與準備妥當,方能提高成功機會。 無論職場新鮮人,或是管理人員,都必須在定時思考個人的特質,對自己的性格、經驗、優點或短處等,都先一一列出,再研究可行 ... 更多

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