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新型冠狀病毒測試 及 健康證明簽發服務

Attract and retain healthcare candidates,
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NursePower - 醫療及護理人員人才支援及解決方案伙伴

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Hong Kong Visa & Work Permit Assistance

One-stop Service Provider for
Hong Kong Visa & Work Permit Assistance

One-stop Service Provider for Hong Kong Visa & Work Permit Assistance

全球人才荒持續攀升,更處於17年來的最高水平。而香港對非本地的各行業人才的求賢若渴。對投資者及企業而言,移民香港的寬鬆窗口期就在眼前! 是時候把握先機,吸納人才,協助企業發展!


Hong Kong proactively trawls the world for talent since global talent shortages are at an all-time high. It is the golden opportunity for investors, enterprises, and talents to seize this opportunity to immigrate to Hong Kong now!

Our skilled and experienced consultants provide you with a one-stop service to cater to your needs. In addition to applying for admission schemes for talent, professionals, and entrepreneurs, we also provide recruitment process outsourcing, payroll services, temporary office leasing services, and other premium services to help mainland enterprises to recruit talents easily and smoothly with competitive rates. We are here to assist you with overseas market expansion and to help you grow and bring your business forward!

Admission Schemes Assistance includes:

  • 一般就業政策(適用於非內地居民之專業人士或企業家)

    General Employment Policy (GEP)
    (for non-Mainland residents) Professionals and Entrepreneurs
  • 輸入內地人才計劃(適用於內地居民)

    Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals (ASMTP) (for Mainland residents)
  • 非本地畢業生留港/回港就業安排

    Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates (IANG)
  • 優秀人才入境計劃

    Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS)
  • 高端人才通行證計劃

    Top Talent Pass Scheme
  • 來港受訓

    Entry for Training
  • 受養人入境安排

    Entry of Dependants

Our service would include:

  • 收集及處理申請人的文件
    Document collection from candidate
  • 提交所需文件到入境事務處
    Document submission to Immigration
  • 申請狀態的跟進
    Application status follow-up
  • 申請相關的必要諮詢服務
    Necessary consulting service required in relation to the application
  • 指派專人處理申請個案
    Specific person assigned to handle the application

We provide high-quality service with customized solutions to meet the needs of each customer

  • 專屬的文件清單,以方便客戶準備所需資料 Exclusive document list to facilitate customers to prepare required materials smoothly
  • 就入境事務處政策及要求組織您的文件, 以確保正確無誤 Organize your documents up to Immigration Department policies requirements to ensure accuracy
  • 全程監察申請程序,不斷為您更新申請進度 Monitor throughout the process and keep you updated on the progress of the application
  • 指派專人處理申請個案 Specific person assigned to handle the application
  • 以申請人的名義答覆入境事務處的查詢和通知 Reply to inquiries from the Immigration Department on behalf of applicants
  • 協助申請配偶及18歲以下未婚的受養子女來港 Assistance in applicant’s visa application for his/her spouse and unmarried dependent children under the age of 18 to Hong Kong

We can provide you with an excellent one-stop service, including:

  • 代辦香港工作簽證
    Visa & Work Permit Assistance
  • 支薪外判服務
    Payroll Services
  • 全職職位招聘
    Permanent Recruitment
  • 高級管理人才招聘
    Executive Recruitment
  • 人力資源方案咨詢
    HR Consultancy
  • 招聘流程外判
    Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • 臨時辦公室租賃
    Temporary Office Lease
  • 臨時職位招聘
    Temporary Recruitment
  • 人力資源管理服務
    Human Resource Management System
  • 人才供應鏈管理
    Managed Service Program

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    海外外判服務Overseas outsourcing services

  • 覆蓋率Coverage

    30+國家30+ Countries

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我們的專業團隊會與僱主及僱員於申請工作簽證過程中緊密合作,詳細解釋流程,並協助處理任何查詢,確保申請流程暢順 。

Manpower works closely with both employer(s) and employee(s) on the requirements and procedures for applying work visas and permits. We explain the processes thoroughly as well as directly assist with any enquiries and handle the whole application process

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