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Tips for Leaders to Keep Pace with the Changing World of Work

As digital transformation continues to sweep through the workplace, the rules are constantly changing, and leaders are feeling the impact of this fast-paced disruption. However, there are certain personal traits that never go out of style, and when combined with emerging digital skills, they can help leaders become the digital leaders of the future. The good news is that experience and soft skills can be used to navigate through digital transformation. 

Here are some ways to cultivate the right skills and stay relevant in the workplace. 

1. Foster Time-Honored Soft Skills 
While digital transformation is impacting many areas of the workplace, certain skills like intelligence, flexibility, resilience, and determination are still essential for effective leadership. These skills provide a solid foundation for success and are predictive of future accomplishments. 

2. Develop a Love of Learning and Curiosity 
In a world where new skills are emerging as fast as old ones become obsolete, being able to learn quickly is more important than what you already know. Digital leaders must be role models for their team by seeking out diverse experiences, different perspectives, and by being receptive to new ideas. 

3. Gain Digital Skills and Expertise 
Leaders must also have a basic understanding of the technical skills required to transform their business effectively. They should surround themselves with experts and keep up-to-date with the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities facing their organization. 

4. Never Stop Moving Forward 
Digital transformation is an ongoing process, and agility and continuous adaptation are critical for success. Feedback is essential for informing leaders what steps they should take, and throughout their careers, they should plan for innovation, experimentation, and rapid learning.

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