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Recruitment and Selection Training

Ensure success of your interview cycle.

Interviewing employee candidates is paramount to any hiring process; regardless of the level of position.

Given the competitive employment landscape and the financial implications of a wrong hiring decision, you cannot afford to conduct interviews without significant preparation, and reliable, responsible, and strategically aligned approaches.

Our Recruitment and Selection Training Program is an interactive program geared to equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge to successful candidate interviews. The program is highly participative and will enable your HR staff or line-managers to gain practical experience of applying best practice interviewing techniques.

Over the course of this program, the advice and guidance participants receive will allow your staff to:
  • Understand the elements of HK Employment Law that are relevant to any recruitment process;
  • Prepare appropriately for the interview;
  • Construct selection criteria and ask effective questions so that candidate competence to do the job can be fully explored;
  • Demonstrate the essential skills and techniques required for effective selection interviewing; and
  • Make sound and objective recruitment decisions.

The power and value of your internal interviewers should never be underestimated; as the resulting cost of ‘failure to get it right’ could cost your firm more than a position is worth.

To ensure success of your interview cycle, contact our Client Inquiry Hotline at +852 2525 3513, or by email at [email protected] to learn more on how we can assist power your business forward faster by strengthening your component HR requirements.