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Growing together by piecing together your new office operations

With over 2800 offices throughout the world, Manpower appreciates that establishing and getting a new office off the ground in a new geography can be challenging, often fraught with statutory confusion and the dreaded ‘red tape.’

With 70 years of such experience, Manpower can provide clarity and compliance through the provision of a broad range of corporate management services - all geared to assisting you achieve ‘first day’ success:

  • Company secretarial service;
  • Hong Kong trademark registration;
  • Provision of virtual offices;
  • Accounting and tax compliance service;
  • Nominee shareholder and professional director;
  • Bank account management services; and
  • Other related supplementary business solutions

Rely on Manpower to provide your new office entity with timely service delivery, thoroughness and integrity.

Contact our Client Inquiry Hotline at +852 2525 3513, or by email at [email protected] to learn more on how we can assist in building your latest office strategy.