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Right Management® Greater China provides services in the areas of Talent Assessment, Leadership Development, Career Development, Outplacement and Career Transition, Strategic Decoding, and Organization Effectiveness, which align talent strategies with business strategies in order to help enterprises with talent management, cost reduction, and performance improvement.

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  • Talent Assessment

    To meet the needs of an ever-changing business environment in this digital age, a series of organizational changes is essential. Talent assessment systems and process restructuring in enterprises will help employees more quickly respond to the new needs of any organizational transformation. Through its talent assessment services, Right Management® helps organizations to evaluate and to identify key talents. Our customized solutions help them with systematically formulating succession plans for their workforce in order to improve their overall effectiveness.

  • Leadership development

    Rapid business expansion can cause a shortage of talent. In many enterprises, some unqualified talents are rushed to managerial roles when they are not ready. A professional survey has shown that 87% of organizations recognized their failure in identifying future leaders for key positions. To help talents cope with the new challenges of this digital age, a series of leadership models have been designed by Right Management® in order to build strong leadership pipelines by identifying talent with the greatest potential for success, by helping them develop a focused set of capabilities, and by managing their performance through measuring and rewarding relevant outcomes.

  • Career development

    Especially when opportunities or challenges arise, employees often find it difficult to manage their careers effectively. Through its Career Development program core competence, which also helps organizations to stay in the forefront of, this ever-changing digital era. Moreover, investing in employees’ career development is critically important for promoting an organization’s employer brand image as one of the “best choices” for job-seekers.

  • Outplacement and Career Transition Services

    Adapting to any fast-changing business environment, layoffs are inevitable in the process of organizational transformation. The outplacement and career transition services of Right Management® provide professional and efficient consulting services to enterprises during any layoff process through pre-notification consulting, notification onsite support, and post-notification for affected candidates. Through these world-class practices, we protect and even enhance the brand image for the organization as well as the in-time support of career advice and job-searching for the individuals.

  • Strategic Decoding and Organization Effectiveness Consulting

    Right Management® shares insights into the rapidly changing market in this digital era. Through designing an organizational structure adapting to pertinent business goals, our service helps organizations to connect their talent strategy with their business strategy. Our solutions help staff with converting their job responsibilities into specific action plans, help organization to set up or optimize a performance management system, and a compensation-and-reward system that improve the effectiveness of an organization within the new business environment.