ManpowerGroup Greater China Limited started its business in Hong Kong and Taiwan in 1997. Since that time, it has accelerated its market expansion and now provides services to its clients in over 240 cities in the Greater China markets and operates in more than 20 offices. ManpowerGroup Inc. (NYSE: MAN), our largest shareholder, is a world leader in workforce solutions and services -- with a long operating history of more than 70 years.

  • Permanent Recruitment

    Existing Manpower clients already know our experienced permanent recruiters save them time and money, by ensuring timely and quality recruitment of those professional staff with the skillsets required and the long-term desire to succeed within their new employer.

  • Temporary & Contract Recruitment

    Contingent staffing makes up approximately 20% of an average company's staff, and is growing with every budget year.

  • Temporary-to-Permanent

    The best way to predict a candidate's success is to observe that person in your organization, interacting with other employees and communicating with your customers. With Manpower's temporary-to-permanent staffing solution, you can see a candidate in action, and develop a true understanding of his or her skills and capabilities. Then, only successful performers transition to permanent employment status.

我們留意到最近有騙徒聲稱為 ManpowerGrouphk 的職員,為求職者提供虛假工作機會。 我們已報警備案,並謹此提醒各求職者注意網上詐騙和網絡釣魚詐騙,以防誤墮求職騙局。

ManpowerGrouphk 致力為求職者提供合法的工作機會和安全的招聘流程,如果你收到任何聲稱為 ManpowerGrouphk 員工的可疑信息或電子郵件,請立即電郵至 [email protected] 與我們聯絡並確認其身份。


We want to bring your attention to recent fraudulent activities, where scammers claim to be associated with ManpowerGroup HK and offer job opportunities that are not legitimate. ManpowerGrouphk takes this matter seriously and has reported it to the police. We want to remind everyone to be aware of online fraud and phishing scams.

To protect yourself and prevent falling victim to these scams, we encourage you to verify the identity of the person offering the job opportunity. If you receive any suspicious messages or emails claiming to be from ManpowerGroup or our associates, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately at [email protected] for identity verification.

Additionally, we want to emphasize that if any victims suffer money or property loss as a result of these fraudulent activities, we urge you to report the incident to the police immediately. Time is of the essence in such cases, and prompt reporting can help the authorities track down the perpetrators.

We take pride in providing legitimate job opportunities and a safe recruitment process for all our candidates and associates. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us maintain the integrity of our services.