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Compensation and Benefits Survey, Analysis and Design

Help you better understand how remuneration trends and shifts impact your human capital ROI.

Unsure whether your employees are paid under- or over-market? Worried you are losing critical staff to higher paying jobs – not just to other employers – but to your competitors? Concerned internet-available data is dated, fuzzy and, often, unreliable?

External salary surveys are used by employers to determine the compensation levels needed to attract and retain quality employees and to design a strategy for compensating their workforce. There are a variety of purposes an external salary survey may fulfill, including:
  • Ensuring external equity (i.e., to determine if current salary rates are sufficient to attract new employees as well as retain current employees);
  • Validating job evaluation systems (i.e., to determine if they are providing equal pay for jobs of equal worth and if they have adequate pay differentials for work of unequal worth); and
  • Regulatory compliance (i.e., justification for pay practices by using market data when challenged by lawsuits with respect to discrimination).

Regardless of your rationale, we can assist in answering your compensation and benefits questions, either through confirming your doubts via external comprehensive survey and review, or developing a revised, competitive compensation and benefit structure - unique to your company - geared to improved competitiveness through current market- and industry-aligned reward and benefit structures based on attraction, retention and motivation philosophies.

Whether you require a complete analysis and overhaul of your existing reward and benefit structure system or are establishing a compensation program for several new positions…

Contact our Client Inquiry Hotline at +852 2525 3513, or by email at [email protected] to learn more on how we can assist power your business forward faster by strengthening your component HR requirements.