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Latest Services of NursePower

Latest Services of NursePower

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NursePower, a ManpowerGroup company, is currently offering corporate plan for HR to ensures staff and corporate are safe at work during and after COVID-19.

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  • Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Scheme For Corporate

    Influenza Vaccine 四價疫苗流感疫苗

    Influenza (flu) is a disease caused by a virus. Influenza can be caused by many types of influenza viruses. The most common types in Hong Kong are H1N1 and H3N2, which are influenza A and B viruses. The virus is mainly transmitted through respiratory droplets.

    Epidemic seasonal influenza virus strains may change from time to time, and the composition of seasonal influenza vaccines must be updated annually according to the circulating strains to enhance protection.

    Therefore, new influenza vaccines must be given every year. Immunity develops approximately two weeks after vaccination.

    流行性感冒 (簡稱流感) 是一種由病毒引致的疾病。流感可由多種類型的流感病毒引起,而本港最常見的是H1N1 及H3N2 兩種甲型流感和乙型流感,病毒主要透過呼吸道飛沫傳播。



    In 2019/20, The Scientific Committee on Vaccine Preventable Diseases recommends that the following people in Hong Kong receive priority vaccination:
    • Pregnant woman
    • Elders living in residential care homes;
    • Long-term boarders living in a home for the disabled;
    • Persons 50 years or older;
    • People with long-term health problems;
    • Medical staff
    • Children from 6 months to 11 years;
    • Poultry industry practitioners; and
    • Persons engaged in pig raising or slaughtering

    在 2019/20 年度,疫苗可預防疾病科學委員會建議本港以下人士優先接種流感疫苗:
    • 孕婦;
    • 居於安老院舍的長者;
    • 居於殘疾人士院舍的長期宿友;
    • 50 歲或以上的人士;
    • 有長期健康問題的人士*;
    • 醫護人員;
    • 6 個月至 11 歲兒童;
    • 家禽業從業員;及
    • 從事養豬或屠宰豬隻行業的人士

    Vaccine Type 疫苗種類

    Vaccine Type
    HK Reg. No.
    Quadrivalent Vaccine
    Fluarix-Tetra GSK
    Germany德國   HK-62234
    Quadrivalent Vaccine
    Vaxigrip Tetra Sanofi Pasteur
    France法國 HK-65548
    Quadrivalent Vaccine
    Influvac Tetra Abbott雅培 Holland荷蘭   HK-66197


    Vaxigrip Tetra

    Influvac Tetra


    Q: Does the flu vaccine receive annual immunity to continue to gain immunity? Does it have any effect if we stop fighting for a year or two?

    A: The flu virus types that flu vaccines prevent each year are not the same. Stopping the fight halfway is okay, but you will not be protected during this period, so it is best to fight every year.

    Q: I got a flu shot in 2019. Can I get it now?

    A: Yes. The first year of 2019 is the calculation of 2018-2019, and the end of 2019/2020 is the year of 2019-2020. There are differences in the types of influenza virus prevention.

    Q: Can I take a shower and swim after the injection?

    A: The flu needle is an intramuscular injection. The needle is fine and the shower can continue. But the needle is always a wound. If you are worried, you can avoid the needle and clean it with a damp cloth. For swimming, there is a chance of fever and tiredness after the injection, so swimming is not recommended.

    Q: Is it sensitive to eggs?

    A: It depends. If you are severely sensitive to eggs or even have difficulty breathing, you should not catch the flu. If the sensitivity is mild, we recommend consulting your doctor before making a decision.

    Q: Can flu shots be used together with other shots?

    A: Yes. Influenza can be treated with 13-valent pneumococcal vaccine or snake needles. However, be aware that doctors recommend that you get at most two vaccines in a day, or you can get other shots every two weeks.



    A:每年流感疫苗預防的流感病毒型號並不相同, 中途停打是可以的,但這段期間便得不到保護,所以最好每年都打。


    A:可以打。2019年頭打是計算2018-2019年度,2019年尾 / 2020年頭打是計算2019-2020年度,預防流感病毒型號是有分別的。






    A:可以的。流感可與13價肺炎球菌疫苗或蛇針一齊打。但要留意,醫生建議一日內最多只接種兩種種疫苗, 或隔兩星期才可打其他針。

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