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Testing for New Coronavirus and Issuing Health Certificates Service
新型冠狀病毒測試 及 健康證明簽發服務

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NursePower - 醫療及護理人員人才支援及解決方案伙伴

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Overview 簡介

The staffing needs in health sector are growing in Hong Kong as society is further developed and population is growing with a continuous ageing trend.

NursePower, a ManpowerGroup (Stock code: 2180) Company truly understands the demands of healthcare personnel, and the skill sets are needed to help your success.

We offer a wide range of professional, comprehensive and reliable healthcare staffing services, including private nursing staffing solutions as well as institutional health care staffing solutions.

Partnering with NursePower for customized workforce solutions saves organizations time and cost and helps ensure your workforce lives your brand and enhances the patient experience at every level.

醫護服務人手需求正因人口老化而急速提升。ManpowerGroup (股票代碼: 2180) 旗下NursePower提供一系列專業可靠的醫護服務人才解決方案,為醫療機構 、院舍或個人提供全面醫療及護理人員的人才支援服務以節省成本及時間。

Services 服務:

With our thorough understanding of staffing trends, our professional consultants in talent resourcing, providing clients with enhanced agility through a continuum of staffing solutions in the following areas:


  • On-site private nursing service 上門私家看護服務
  • Ward relief for hospital and nursing home 住院病人照顧服務
  • Out-patient escorting service 陪診服務
  • Care service for elderly 長者照顧
  • Health care service 護理服務

Our deep pool of highly qualified candidates, can deliver the talent, matching the right individual to the right job, including full time, part-time, temporary, contract roles.

  • Registered Nurse 註冊護士
  • Enrolled Nurse 登記護士
  • Health Worker 起居照顧員
  • Care Worker 保健員
  • Escort Service for Out-patient Visit 陪診員

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